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“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see." -Mark Twain
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Why can’t you people just sit in the clouds and play harps like you’re supposed to?

Crowley, wondering what we’ve all wondered about angels for 6 seasons now (via laoih)

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The Ultimate Occupation Masterlist


Some of these jobs are super fucking obscure. This list doesn’t even cover all of the types of political jobs or government department jobs you could have. That being said, I’m going to create another masterlist entirely for the political sector. There may be repeats on this list, and I will probably update it in the future.

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While the pilot was airing Danneel sent Jensen 2 photos. The first one was a picture of the new supernatural logo with J.J. pointing at it and the second was a close up Jensen’s face with J.J’s arms in the air. She then texted him “she’s asking for you to pick her up”

This is one of the cutest and saddest things ever…